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Blog Index Lion Pride at Nkomazi thrives!

There was excitement at Nkomazi Game Reserve this week when a lioness and her cub were spotted on the reserve. It was an extra special sighting as this lioness was one of the first cubs at Nkomazi and she now has 3 cubs of her own.

In October 2009 a pride of lions was released into Nkomazi under the watchful eyes of wildlife management, staff and invited guests. All were enthralled as the lions took their first tentative steps out of the boma and into the history books, being the first lions to be returned to the upper Komati River Valley in almost 200 years. The presence of free-roaming lions on Nkomazi signified an important milestone in Nkomaziís objective of becoming one of the foremost destinations in wildlife conservation and tourism in Mpumalanga.

The pride, comprising of 2 males and 2 females was sourced from sister reserves, world renowned Shamwari Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape and Sanbona Wildlife Reserve in the Western Cape, to enable a diverse genetic composition for the founding populations. These lions have been monitored from birth. Their growing population shows us that the lions have adapted well to life at Nkomazi Game Reserve.


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